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Sensational Hair Removal


Sensational beauty is committed to your 

Hair removal goals.


Each person has a different skin colour, hair colour and areas of the body that they would like treated.


Because of these differences, some treatments are more effective and more comfortable when targeted with the correct type of Hair removal procedure.


Sensational Beauty offers 4 types of Hair Removal procedures.


Waxing - Electrolysis - Laser -  VpL


Your Therapist will help you select the best option based on your skin type and objectives.


To Assist you it is important to understand your particular Skin type.


The Fitzpatrick Skin Scale



There are Skin types.

Skin type 1: Light pale; white always burns.

Skin type 2: White fair; usually burns tans with difficulty.

Skin type 3: Medium White Olive; sometimes mild burn, gradually tans to Olive.

Skin type 4: Olive moderate brown: rarely burns tans with ease, tans to a moderate brown.

Type 5: Brown dark brown; very rarely burns, tans very easily.

Type 6: Black to very dark: brown to black, never burn tans very easily, deeply and pigmented.




 Understanding Hair growth Stages



Understanding your hair growth cycle is an important factor when

considering successful outcomes of your hair removal goals.

Hair grows and sheds at different times so

hair removal treatments such as Electrolysis - VpL and Laser are most

effective in the Anagen Phase (Growth cycle of hair).


Talk to your Therapist about these stages of hair growth,

so you can synchronise your treatments to

maximise your hair removal objectives. 









Sensational Waxing is suitable for all skin and hair types.


Sensational Beauty offers efficient and thorough waxing practices.


Both Hot and Strip waxing available.

Both Men and Women welcome



Back and shoulder  $50

Chest and stomach  $50

Arms  $35

Full leg  $50

Full leg and Bikini  $65

Brazilian  $50


Eyebrows  $15

Lip or Chin $10

Underarm $15

Brazilian  $40

Full leg  $40

Full leg bikini Underarm $60

Lower Half leg  $25

Top Half leg  $30

3/4 leg  $32

Lower Half leg bikini Underarm $45





Progressive permanent hair removal.

The treatment is suitable for all skin types and hair colours.

This treatment is well suited to small areas of unwanted hair, where

larger hair removal devices can't reach.

Removal annoying nose, ear and eyebrow hairs.

Only disposable probes are used.


Minimum Charge $15


10 Minutes $20


Progressive permanent hair removal.


Laser treatments work very well on deeper completions.

Free consultation

Price subject to client needs.

Sensational beauty will match any written quote.





Free consultation

Price subject to client needs.

Sensational beauty will match any written quote.





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