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Skin Treatments



Red vein Diathermy

Remove dilated capillaries permanently
from the face.


Minimum charge


10 Minutes


15 Minutes





E-light ( I. P. L.) skin rejuvenation

This latest technology treatment is suitable for Spider veins,

Acne, Wrinkles, Fine lines, Sun spot damage,

Age dots, Pigmentation, and Freckles.


Full face $150

Single shot $10










The ultimate Non-invasive skin resurfacing procedure.





Oxygen Treatment

This fantastic treatment is designed to rejuvenate,

hydrate and revitalize the skin.



















Herbal Aktiv Peel

This biological method of skin resurfacing achieves great results on Wrinkles, Fine lines, Pigmentation, Enlarged Pores, Loss of skin elasticity, Sun Damage, Sunspots, Freckles, Blackheads, Acne. Scarring, and Stretch Marks. The compound is made up of natural crushed botanicals with no synthetic acids or abrasives.


Full Peel includes three products

and two treatments .$700 


B Peel Promotion Price  $190 save $50


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Laser Skin Refine


Laser Carbon Treatment

(Also known as Black Doll Treatment).
The treatment is suitable for all ages. It lightens age spots, dark spots, fades freckles, reduces wrinkles ,

fine lines, shrinks pores, removes blackheads

and acne. The principle behind the treatment is carbon powder which possesses a strong capacity to absorb dirt deep in the pores, the heat from laser enables the carbon powder to be absorbed into the skin, stimulating the skin cells, which encourages growth of collagen and elastic fibers.












Radio Frequency

Anti-Wrinkle treatment

The Radio frequency technique uses electromagnetic
heat waves to permeate the skin and muscle. The
heat energy allows the collagen cells to reproduce themselves continuously which tightens loose skin and reduces wrinkles to achieve a smoother and a more Youthful look.